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46. The Countdown Begins.

There was a lot accomplished in 2017 for this “emerging” artist. The year ahead will be more about producing work and less about classes and networking. I’ll have to put a polish on my website, finish artwork for a solo…
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Week 31. Recap from Cirenaica writing weekend.

Welcome back! I know, I know, it’s Tuesday, not Sunday. Before sharing my experiences at Cirenaica (sarah-neye-kah), I needed some thinking and recovery time. I’m awake now and exploding with thoughts and notes for you. The intention behind this year-long…
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Week 30. Cirenaica, a Writer Residency with Nickolas Butler

Week 30. Cirenaica with Nickolas Butler This week I will be in residency at Cirenaica, outside of Eau Claire, WI, with author Nickolas Butler and ten other fiction writers. This will be my first residency experience. I’m grateful to have…
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