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Not only talented but fun!

A week ago I attended Art-A-Whirl, sponsored by the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEEMA). I completed a tour of the Northrup King building of artist studios and lofts. I started the tour last fall with NEEMA’s art crawl. One building down, how many are left to tour? Check out the map and start counting: https://nemaa.org/art-a-whirl/art-a-whirl-map

My top two artists were Tracy Frizzell and Eddie Hamilton. Eddie doesn’t seem to have a website, although you can find him on Facebook and listen to an interview (link below), which brings me to, what a great way to promote yourself in a video.

But first, I’d like to say a little about the artists. There were so many great artists at Art-A-Whirl. I couldn’t possibly speak about them all, although I might on a rainy Sunday, pull out all the cards I collected and share them with you. For now, Tracy and Eddie are highlighted because they are not only talented artists, but their work is FUN.

Tracy can lean toward the more traditional side, but she has a series of trains that are so whimsical and colorful, there isn’t a train buff or child who wouldn’t love to have the work displayed in their favorite room. Some artists get cranky when they have to put themselves on display to promote their work.  Tracy was nice, warm and enthusiastic which made her work that much more appealing.

Tracy Frizzell art

Tracy Frizzell art

And then there was Eddie Hamilton. I felt so happy being in his space with his endless supply of canvases in every size. See his work and listen to him share his process (video link below). You’ll enjoy every minute.

Eddie Hamilton art

Eddie Hamilton art

I love community and so does Eddie so I love Eddie’s work. Enjoy!!!

Watch Eddie’s video  and use his example to think about how you would share your process with others. I know I’ve got my thinking beanie on to muse about this. I think every artist website ought to have one – a fun one!


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