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Week 12. Grants.

You’re back!

I didn’t see a lot of activity last week. I hope that’s because you all got lost in the many learning opportunities shared here.


Since the beginning, Greyhairs Rising has been with you as an assist to jumpstart your creative career.  We’ve talked about how to get started, given suggestions on how to set up your work space, talked about tools, doubts, and support. Last week I shared a number of online resources for you to explore as writers and artists. This week, I’ll put up some links to grant sources that can help the serious creatives get to work on more ambitious projects.

Grant sources.







Be sure to follow the guidelines for grant submissions that the funding organization provides. If you need help, contact the agency staff. They’ll be happy to support you in the grant application process. Make sure your project is well thought out. There can be stiff competition for this money.

Good luck!

Next week’s topic: Retreats and Residencies.   

See you back here next Sunday night!

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