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Week 23. Support other artists!


Last week I shared some thoughts on traveling to artist communities to find other artists and to be inspired by their work. This week I’m encouraging you to support your fellow artists.

Here are a few ways to do that.

  • Following their blogs
    • Start with five and keep up! Show your support with comments.
  • Going to art shows and encouraging the artists you find there.
    • Check local listings for art events and make a plan to attend as many as you can.
  • Network through social media or community groups
    • Make a list of social media outlets and your local art groups.
  • Join art organizations
    • What are they?
  • Attend artist performances
    • Where are they?
  • Read local authors
    • Who are they?

What else can you do to help support other artists? Please share with us through comments or in the Greyhairs Rising Facebook group.

Creative prompt.

I feel supported by other artists when I …


Next week’s topic:  Social media

See you back here next Sunday night!

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