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Your memories, your story.

Yesterday afternoon I spoke to a small group of retirees about the writing craft. Only a few were interested in creative writing, but nearly all were interested in sharing their life story to pass on to their descendants. Of course, how to get motivated to take on the task, well, there’s the problem!

Here are some things to think about that might get memoirists in motion:

  • Your life story is unique to you
  • You are the only one who can tell your life story
  • Your life story is important
  • It matters that others learn your life story
  • You matter that much!

Our local library has Oral History Kits available for checkout. They include a recorder, removable thumb drive, and a manual. Check with your local library to see if they offer kits. If not, here are some sources for how to get started to share your life story- make sure to explore these resources with your descendants.

Oh, and research your own information, too. These are just a few options to guide you on your storytelling path.

And remember, when sharing your story, make sure to use the five senses – What did events feel like, taste like, what did you see, touch, smell, hear? Provide texture and depth to your stories. Retell them in their fullest detail so those who follow can feel your life in your memories!



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