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41. Hear from the best!

Yesterday the Brainerd Writers Alliance held its annual Fall Festival and Book Sale. Each year BWA sponsors a contest for Minnesota writers of fiction, creative nonfiction/nonfiction, and poetry. All winners were invited to read their submissions. And the winners are:

Creative Nonfiction
1st place “With This Ring” Anjanette Bandel, Rochester.

This story turns the other cheek on poignancy to celebrate change forced from an unexpected shift in the course of the author’s life.

2nd place “Butterflies” Brielle Bredsten, Aitkin 

This is Bredsten’s first work, worthy of a win. Her story takes the reader through the loss of her mother to the birth of her first child in a stunning and moving revelation of connectedness. Yes, I sprouted a tear.

1st place “After School” Melissa B. L. Birch, Pequot Lakes

Birch entered a chapter from her novel in progress. Beautifully written, it is a story of tragedy and struggle and commitment. We’re all eager for the completed novel.

 2nd place “The Costco Man” Dan Nelson, Pillager 

Nelson’s story is a head-scratcher! What really happens in this story? Does the protagonist actually hear these things or is he that intuitive/imaginative? I was caught in every turn and twist. A great read!


Each work is well crafted, moving, and imaginative.
1st place “The White Ibis” Lina Belar, Perham
2nd place “Death of an Uncle” Jean Murray Driscoll, Pillager
Honorable mention “She’s laid right down for us” Theresa B. Falsani, Duluth

Thank you to all who entered. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our volunteer judges, Cindy Fox, Donna Salli, and Laura Hansen. Your feedback on your category gave all writers in attendance points to consider when developing work.

Our festival speaker, Faith Sullivan, always engaging, offered insight and notes on the writing process. She’s one of Minnesota’s best!

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  1. Sue Ready

    great event and I enjoyed catching up with other writers,authors and meeting some new people
    lots of inspiring ideas to recharge the batteries
    Faith Sullivan talks are always a treat.

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