M E Fuller

46. The Countdown Begins.

There was a lot accomplished in 2017 for this “emerging” artist. The year ahead will be more about producing work and less about classes and networking. I’ll have to put a polish on my website, finish artwork for a solo show in the summer, and wrap up the first draft of my second novel. Much of my effort, though, will be in promotion.

If there is any New Year’s resolution, it’s to exercise more. Too much sitting is no good for us old girls. I like this article from Sixty & Me on keeping fit:

“If you have been sedentary for a while and want to start an exercise routine, just start slow. Talk to your doctor before making big changes in your physical activity level. One of the best ways to exercise is simply to walk for 30 minutes per day.”

Published work

“Abel March,” Talking Stick 26, A Minnesota Literary Journal, September 2017

Group and juried art shows


Sketchorama – New Bohemian Gallery, November 2016 – January 2017








Arts off 84 – Juried Art Show, September 2017


2017 Artist Project Grant, Five Wings Arts Council with funds from The McKnight Foundation, to complete for publication, first novel, “Saving the Ghost.”


Cirenaica, Nickolas Butler and B J Hollars, June 2017

Photo credit: Geoff Carter







Springboard for the Arts Hinge Artist in residence, Fergus Falls, MN, November-December 2017

Classes and workshops

Springboard for the Arts, Work of Art, April – May 2017

  • Portfolio Kit
  • Legal Considerations
  • Pricing
  • Time Management
  • Funding

Making a Scene, Kate St. Vincent Vogl, May 2017

Writing Scenes, Candace Simar and Angela Foster, August 2017


Sinclair Lewis Writers Conference, Sauk Centre, MN – October 14, 2017

JulieJo Larson and M E Fuller

  • Judith Guest: Writing a Screenplay
  • Lorna Landvik: Honor Your Imagination and Find the Fun in Writing
  • Erik Hane: Keys to a Strong Book Proposal
  • Writing and Publishing – Faith Sullivan, Judith Guest, Lorna Landvik, Erik Hane
  • “Aim For Excellence: We’re All Genre Writers” – Faith Sullivan




North Shore Readers and Writers Festival, Sauk Centre, MN – November 2-5, 2017

  • Plot vs Narrative: The Great War with William Kent Krueger
  • Writing About Charged Topics with Julie Landsman, William Green & Kao Kalia Yang
  • Putting Character in the Driver’s Seat – Erin Hart
  • Local Writers Lunch Reading Panel – Shoshanna Matney, Nina Simonowicz,
    Tim Cochrane & Staci Drouillard
  • The Art of Revisions – Mary Casanova, Peter Geye, Erin Hart, Katie Dublinski
  • What It Means to be a Writer – William Kent Krueger
  • Filling in the Gaps: Research and Book Prep – William Green
  • The Loft Literary Center Brown Bag Lunch Discussion – Kathryn Savage
  • Writing Into the World – Julie Landsman
  • Hanging the Family Wash out on the Written Line – Sharon Chmielarz, Patricia Hampl, Sun Yung Shin
  • Promote Your Book – Faith Sullivan, Bart Sutter, Emily Hamilton
  • Beyond the Book – Erik Anderson, Chris Fischbach, Moheb Soliman, Patricia Hampl






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